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Our Company purpose is to serve our customers… To build a healthy retail organization that achieves sales, profits adequate for corporate growth and so that we may provide meaningful work and opportunity for the personal growth and security of every Foodtown associate, we firmly believe in the fact that customer service is the reason for our continued success.

Recognizing the importance of every customer to the accomplishment of our purpose… WE DEDICATE OURSELVES TO EXCELLENCE IN PROVIDING:

Friendly, courteous service. A clean, well-kept and well stocked wholesome atmosphere in which to shop. Fair and honest treatment in all customer transactions. Competent, polite, well-groomed personnel. Truth in our advertising program. Freshness in all perishable products. Guaranteed satisfaction with every purchase.

All these aspects of doing business at Foodtown have one simple goal- TO PROVIDE THE CUSTOMER THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. We will achieve these goals by putting in place our “Better Basics for Sales, for Profits, and for Team Building”

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